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If you see her tell her it doesn’t snow in Colorado
Tell her all that stuff falling from the sky
Is just sawdust from the stilts
I’ve been carving from my short temper
Tell her there’s a tambourine in my chest
And yes she still shakes me
Too bad love is an etch-a-sketch
Good thing love is an etch-A-sketch

If you see her tell her I’ve Been running Towards my life like laura ingalls
running Down That hill in her Flower dress
I wore a flower dress to my Birthday Boy party
don’t look at me like that
I’m not the Box the Gift came in
this Heart Is my sunday best
Grass-stained from the Day I discovered her neck tasted like the reed Of my first saxophone
if I Could Still Play
I’d play the softest song
A Moth in the lamplight
a snow Globe Turning upside-down
Michelle obama buttoning her Husbands bulletproof vest
We are all Fragile and Fraying
Praying we Can hold The tyre-swing to the summer
my mood Swings With Its feet Dangling in The river
so when my sadness reaches the ocean
it turns to salt

if you see Her tell her the Moon Is All Her fault
love a trapdoor of Light
even when Its Gone it’s somewhere
tonight I buried her time Capsule In The Ball field
For every time running For Home meant running Towards her
next Time i Will know to listen
when the umpire Tells Me I’m safe
next time I will Know Its Normal
to have a hard time breathing When you Shake The Dust
We make everything So complicated
sometimes The message In The Bottle is Don’t drink So much
there’s too much novocain In our Wisdom teeth Already
Every Window Begs To be Open when the Storm comes
I dig seed Holes In My pillow
And dream of Clock towers whistling at the Lightening
This Upside Umbrella is a teaCup for god
The puddles in My Eyes Are monuments Of Grief
crumbling Beneath moss
You can spend your Whole Life
wearing A life vest in The Desert
it Took me so Long to burn Those Fire escapes
but i Know neither Of Us
are only The felonies On our record players
I know The Music we were trying To Make
Every One of us Is A mack truck
With A soft bed Inside
I got my thumb Out On the highway
And i know She Doesn’t Drive this Way

if you see Her tell her I made A song From the dial Tone
I made a Paper mache Glider plane from our Unfinished poem
take the elevator
to The parking garage Rooftops
Take A Cigar Box full Of Feather pens
and Write what You See

the bassinet of My Mouth
unfurling Its ribbons to raise my voice
Honest Honestly
she Was An Anthem
I was a Stadium Full of patriots
with their Hands On their hearts
My Hand Is Still on my Heart
as The Fireworks announce the end of the game
and the Colours In The sky
chase the birds Inside
have You seen the nest They Are building
From everything we Left Behind


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