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a mix about holding on when you should be letting go
a mix about different cultures and different places in time
a mix about not understanding or maybe understanding too well

The Bolder Thing to Do, Gregory and the Hawk
and i've made myself the fool
who's fallen for you
so let me down softly this time and
i won't have to come back crying
Take Tomorrow, Butch Walker
and think about the good things
no matter what they say
we'll take tomorrow baby yeah
one day at a time
Trouble Sleeping, The Perishers
i'm having trouble sleeping
you're jumping in my bed
twisting in my head
Waiting Takes Time, Josh Woodward
you say that you'll be ready soon
i've already heard that tune
and i don't think you're ready for a new role
Just Hold Me, Maria Mena
but if i wanted silence i would whisper
if i wanted loneliness i'd choose to go
if i liked rejection i'd audition
and if i didn't love you you would know
Breathless, Dan Wilson
and when you go you'll leave me breathless and alone
you leave me breathless when you close the door
it feels just like you took the air out of the room with you
Chasing Cars, Natasha Bedingfield
if i lay here
if i just lay here
would you lie with me and just forget the world?
Everything I'm Not, The Veronicas
'cause the girl that you want
she was tearing us apart
'cause she's everything
everything i'm not
I Love You Goodbye, Nina
i'm not the one you're needing
i love you goodbye
Before You Cry, Camera Obscura
i hope you hear me
i can't stand you next to me
get lost goodbye
Melt My Heart to Stone, Adele
i find myself repeating like a broken tune
and i'm forever excusing your intentions
Car Crash, Matt Nathanson
i wanna feel the car crash
'cause i'm dying on the inside
i wanna let go and know
that i'll be all right all right
Merenda Kasih, Kahitna
katakanlah pasti kepadaku (tell me once and for all)
dia atau daku kasih (him or me)
dapatkan cintamu (who will you love?)
Drive, The Cars
who's gonna drive you home tonight
who's gonna pick you up
when you fall
Girl At Home, Taylor Swift
don't look at me
you've got a girl at home
and everybody knows that
Love Love Love, The Mountain Goats
snakes in the grass beneath our feet
rain in the clouds above
some moments last forever
but some flair out with love love love
Darien Gap, Josh Woodward
Perfect, Julia Murney
in a perfect world you'd hold me forever
in a perfect world our love would stand tall
but i'm not perfect and you're not perfect

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