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Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi were Padawans together. Raised as part of the Jedi Order, they often found themselves in competition and eventually in friendship. This, slowly, developed into something more until they were forced to confront the rule that Jedi are not allowed to form romantic relationships. While there was some talk of one or both of them leaving the Jedi Order, they ultimately realized that this would eventually lead to resentment as they were both also very committed to the Jedi. Thus, they decided to put their feelings aside. This eventually led to them growing apart.

Later, older and with Padawans of their own, a mission brought them back together and old feelings resurfaced. Before they were able to fully examine their relationship, however, Siri was killed. This led Obi-Wan very close to the dark side, but he managed to pull himself back.

This mix focuses largely on Obi-Wan's point of view as he had the tendency to view himself as the weak, angsty one. Siri had her own strong feelings, but she did a very good job of hiding them.

Tales of a Jedi Knight/Learn About the Force - Vitamin String Quartet

Mighty Like Love, Mighty Like Sorrow - Ohia
a stray star yielding on her back
do not leave me
do not leave me

We All Need Saving, Jon McLaughlin
don't tell yourself you can't lean on someone else
cause we all need saving sometimes

Go Easy (See the Love), As Tall As Lions
we built walls but down they came
i can't take the blame
i still find myself here waiting

Explosions, Ellie Goulding
needing somebody and you've learned
it's okay to be afraid
but it will never be the same

Trust, The Cure
there is only you
and if you leave me now
you leave all that we were

To the Stars, Modestep
so now that you've gone to the stars
now that the storm has finally come

The Fault in Our Stars, Sam Cushino

* * *
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