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The Reapers are the Angels by Alden Bell is one more zombie novel. It follows the journey of Temple, a girl traveling on her own with demons worse than the zombies that surround her. Along the way she meets good people and bad people and those in between, struggles with herself, and maintains her own kind of faith in life and the world around her.

Beyond the pursuit of meaning and beyond good and evil too, she says. See, it’s a daily chore tryin to do the right thing. Not because the right thing is hard to do—it ain’t. It’s just cause the right thing—well, the right thing’s got a way of eluding you. You give me a compass that tells good from bad, and boy I’ll be a soldier of the righteous truth. But them two things are a slippery business, and tellin them apart might as well be a blind man’s guess.

Little Wonders, Rob Thomas

our lives are made
in these small hours
these little wonders
these twists and turns of fate

I'm Not Dreaming, Josh Woodward

now i never ever close my eyes completely
when i'm sleeping...

Mysteries, Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man

god knows how i adore life
when the wind turns on the shores lies another day

i cannot ask for more

Cathedrals, Jump Little Children

in the shadows of tall buildings
the architecture is slowly peeling
marble statues and glass dividers

Bigger Than Us, White Lies

did you feel the need for change?
guilt smeared across your lips
i was tired and cold from the window
you're tired, nothing's changed

This is Why We Fight, The Decemberists

when we die
we will die
with our arms unbound

Into the Flood, As Tall as Lions

torn apart from limb to limb
and put in place again
so what if I don't feel it?

Never Die Young, Lori McKenna

when the angels came down
did they give you a choice?
would they have let you stay where you were?

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